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Bourbon on the Banks 2021

Enjoy bourbon from regional and national distilleries while you stroll the banks along the scenic Kentucky River in our capital city, historic downtown Frankfort.

August 27 - 28 in Frankfort, KY
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Sorry we missed you for 2020


August 27-28 2021


We live in the cradle of Bourbon Country and we take our Bourbon seriously. Bourbon on the Banks Festival, the newest premier bourbon event in the Commonwealth, has made spirited efforts to plan our 2020 event. It’s tough to hold back bourbon lovers, but a pandemic is a powerful force.

We need to keep our bourbon industry employees and all our citizens safe, so we have reluctantly decided to cancel Bourbon on the Banks for 2020. Let’s get this pandemic under control, focus on the safety and well being of our families, so we can join together to celebrate the Bourbon culture in 2021.

So stock up on your favorites, ride out the storm and start planning your Bourbon Year for 2021. The first date you should reserve is August 27 & 28, when we will meet again on the banks of the Kentucky River in historic Frankfort, Kentucky to enjoy friends, food, music, and BOURBON.

Thank you to everyone who committed to supporting us this year, you will have the first opportunity to be a part of our events on August 27-28, 2021.