Mixology on the River with Ingram River Aged Whiskey

Featuring Heather Wibbels, Award Winning Mixologist

Thursday, Oct. 3, 2024 | 2 pm

Climb aboard The Bourbon Belle tour boat for an unforgettable excursion on the historic Kentucky River in Frankfort, Ky, and enjoy a special tasting experience with Scott Beyer, Master Blender at O.H. Ingram River Aged Whiskey followed by an educational mixology session with award winning mixologist, Heather Wibbels. 

Known as The Cocktail Contessa, Wibbels is known for creating new cocktails out of both familiar and new ingredients, working with brands to review, test and create with their ingredients, and sharing both common and unfamiliar flavor pairings in an approachable way.

O.H. Ingram River Aged Master Blender Scott Beyer will also be on site to present a spectacular lineup of craft whiskeys.

During the cocktail class, we will explore how bitters add balance and flavor to bring out all of our favorite things from bourbon. You’ll find out what bitters are, why they pair well with bourbon, and how they’re used in a classic cocktail like the Old Fashioned.

What you’ll learn:

  • The origin of bitters
  • How bitters work with bourbon
  • Sensory components of a great old fashioned
  • History of the old fashioned and the origin of its name
  • How to make Old Fashioneds at home
  • How to choose a great bourbon for an Old Fashioned
  • Using bitters to complement your selected base spirit

You will walk away with a mastery of how to evaluate a bourbon and understand what kinds of bitters and syrups will pair beautifully to elevate the whiskey you’re mixing them with, whether well, premium or bottom-shelf bourbons.

Participants will receive a copy of Heather’s book, Bourbon is my Comfort Food, to take home with them.

Prepare your palates and reserve a spot – limited to 30

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This event is limited to 30 people. Attendees will receive a complimentary tasting glass, bourbon tastings, and mixed drinks.

701 Wilkinson Blvd- River View Park Boat Dock and Parking Lot (across from bright colored buildings)

Heather Wibbels- Cocktail Contessa

Managing Director of Bourbon Women and former Chair of the Board, Heather Wibbels is passionate about connecting women through bourbon. She’s also known as the Cocktail Contessa for her award-winning cocktails, whiskey cocktail writing, and book, Bourbon Is My Comfort Food: The Bourbon Women Guide to Fantastic Cocktails at home. Her passion is bringing people of all kinds to the whiskey world and making them feel welcome.

Scott Beyer, Master Blender

Beyer is the master blender of O.H. Ingram River Aged and has never shied away from the challenge of creating a great product. He is fascinated by the countless ways to make a whiskey uniquely modern and believes that each bottle has a story.

Beyer previously served as director of sales and operations for O.H. Ingram River Aged, and he has been involved in all aspects of the business since 2020. His prior experience includes Greenbrier Distillery where he developed his fondness and passion for the spirits industry.

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Now taking reservations! (advanced reservations are not required but highly suggested).