Title: Executive Director, Downtown Frankfort, Inc.

Downtown Frankfort, Inc. is a non-profit 501(c)(3) focused on downtown revitalization, economic development, and historic preservation in Downtown Frankfort, Kentucky. The DFI board of directors is comprised of 10 members nominated by committee and
elected by the board. An additional five members representing the City of Frankfort, Franklin County Fiscal Court, Kentucky Capital Development Corporation, the Frankfort-Franklin County Tourism Commission and the Frankfort Chamber of Commerce, serve in ex-officio, non-voting capacity.

DFI funding is derived from budget allocations from the City of Frankfort, Franklin County Fiscal Court, individual donations, sponsorships, fundraising events, and contracted partners.

The Executive Director works concurrently on Downtown Frankfort initiatives and on the Bourbon on the Banks Festival, and reports to both the Downtown Frankfort, Inc Board and the Bourbon on the Banks Festival Board.

The Executive Director currently supervises one full-time paid staff. Job Characteristics: The Executive Director manages the daily operations of the organization. The Executive Director will ensure the success and sustainability of DFI, including the execution of any contractual obligations to run events. The Executive Director must conduct themselves with the utmost levels of integrity and professionalism in order to enhance the credibility and reputation of DFI. These responsibilities include promotion of downtown as an exciting place to live, work, and invest; work to improve the appearance of downtown; develop and improve events that bring local residents and tourists downtown; developing strategies for businesses to locate and expand downtown; efforts toward historic preservation, and working with community partners to implement the Master Plan. Examples of DFI events include the Summer Concert
Series, Candlelight Tour, and by contract, the Bourbon on the Banks Festival.

General Duties and Responsibilities:
1. Assists the DFI Board in planning, organizing, implementing, facilitating and coordinating all activities and programs relating to downtown revitalization and implementation of the Master Plan.

2. Works with and maintains effective communications with state and local government institutions, private sector institutions, local business interests and volunteers to encourage a positive downtown business climate.
3. Provides advice and support to downtown businesses that desire to improve their properties, seek out financial aid and grants, and make information
available to property owners and business owners.
4. Assists DFI Board of Directors and committees with implementation of annual
work plan concepts and annual budgets.

5. Manages a combined budget of around $300,000.
6. As principal advocate and a key spokesperson, develops and conducts ongoing public awareness, education programs and media strategies designed to enhance the assets of downtown and to foster an understanding of the Downtown Frankfort, Inc. goals and objectives.
7. Communicates and coordinates with other community organizations to assist in the coordination of joint activities with the goal of improving the quality of life and economic climate for downtown.
8. Provide information, counsel, and advice to the DFI Board regarding DFI hosted events on logistics, scope, finances, and implementation.
9. Monitor and report monthly to the Board on income and expenditures.
10. Provide leadership for a volunteer staff and coordinate with city and county staff involved with the implementation of any DFI related events.
11. Develop additional event revenues through sale of event swag, vendor booth rental, increased ticket sales, retention & expansion of sponsorships, and other items.

Training and Experience: A bachelor degree or equivalent, with 5+ years of a proven track record of event planning, fundraising, communication/marketing, business or economic development, and experience leading a volunteer team. At least five years of
Business Management/Marketing, Public or Non-profit Administration, Event Planning, Public Relations, Economic Development, and/or Professional Fundraising or equivalent combination is desired.

Special Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities:

1. Ability to assume responsibility for planning, organizing, implementing, facilitating, coordinating, administering, and evaluating policies, programs, activities, events, and projects.
2. Ability to prepare and present financial and other required reports relating to the organization, grants, or DFI hosted events/fundraisers.
3. Ability to provide effective administrative assistance to the Board of Directors and committees.
4. Ability to implement major fundraising efforts.
5. Ability to communicate effectively, orally, in writing and through social media platforms.
6. Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationship with other governments/agencies, city officers and employees, community organizations, and the general public.
7. Ability to effectively develop and lead volunteer teams, including for event planning and implementation.
8. Proficient computer skills including Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and e-mail.
9. Effective organizational and time management skills.
10. Working knowledge of income & expense reporting and budgeting

11. Ability to identify and write winning grant proposals.
12. Knowledge of, or ability to learn basic architecture, historic preservation, economic development, finance, public relations, design,
journalism, marketing, volunteerism, small business development, and other aspects of downtown revitalization.

Contacts: Frequent public and internal contacts requiring tact and diplomacy are requirements of the job.
Confidential Information: Regular use of confidential information.
Special Licensing Requirements: Must possess and maintain a valid driver’s license.
Availability: Must be available for meetings, promotions, special events, and other activities, including evenings and week-ends. Must regularly attend city council and fiscal court meetings. Must be willing to travel overnight for out-of-town events to promote DFI events.
Hours of Operation: A workweek is considered 40 hours. Flexibility in scheduling is needed to perform job duties.

Pay Scale: Salary of $65,000.00 – $75,000 based on experience with potential for incentive bonuses.
Vacation: 12 paid vacation days per year; non-accumulating
Holidays: Paid holidays coinciding with state government holidays
Sick Days: 5 days per year
Insurance: Negotiated “payment in lieu of” coverage.

Send qualifications by November 27th to:
Terri Bennett, DFI Chair